Deirdre, the Wanderer: A modern picaresque.

What's an intelligent teenager to do upon deciding to leave home?  Deirdre's answer is to wander the world, surviving on wits, wiles and will power.  But it's not as easy as that!

Deirdre's made up her mind- there can be no living where there is no love. But it's winter in Connecticut. And- ' always hear these stories of stupid runaways who get picked up freezing to death on the streets of Manhattan or whatever. I'm sorry, but being homeless in a place like New York is just stupid. At least I had a plan.'

And what a plan!

As in days gone by, the 15-year-old full of romantic daydreams and resolved on self-determination will hitch a ride to the southern seas. Soon she learns it's not all plain sailing amidst the tropical trades. In fact it's more like danger and humiliation, living and working as an underage runaway and illegal alien on her own. Was it ever supposed to be this weird?

Enduring abuse, loneliness and the fear of being sent back to a place she can no longer consider home, the indefatigable heroine must grow to womanhood with only her wits to guide her. Or die trying.

'It is nought but the fear of woman's heart, And a dream of the night, Deirdre.' -Celtic faery-tale.

Note: contains mature themes, risqué situations, exotic adventure (ala BBFc '15').

Deirdre, the Wanderer is available in Kindle e-text via or in paperback (New Fourth Edition, 2014) here--

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