Acapulco No-Go. from East Of The Sun.

In search of new waves to surf, brothers Paul and Peter and best friend Brian embark on a circumnavigation aboard their iconic lug-rigged schooner Starchase. But when sister Barbie and her best friend Angel drop out of college to join them, personalities intermingle and suddenly the greatest risk is not the unpredictability of the sea.

Whilst Peter, Barbie and Brian bide peacefully at an idyllic mid-Pacific archipelago, Paul, Angel and two friends sail Starchase to rendezvous with cousin Jonathan, whose development plans may ensure the islands' future survival. But corrupt authorities have other schemes in mind, and in order to keep their appointment three days hence they must hide an 84-foot sailboat in plain sight....

One of Jonnie Comet's earliest works, the saga of East Of The Sun is a romantic, nostalgic look at cruising under sail in the pre-GPS, pre-cellphone 1980s, when the world still seemed exotic and limitless and a ship needed only a steady hand and a star to guide her.

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