Love Me Do.

Have you ever dreamt about someone who didn't know you were alive?

Have you ever been tongue-tied just trying to say hello?

Have you ever sworn to God you'd do anything to win someone's heart, if you only could think of something to do?

She's bright and beautiful, and doesn't realise just why she's appreciated; he's talented and daring and doesn't realise he's being modest. There's more than just a little of them in all of us. Here are the hopes and wishes and fears you've never shared with anyone else, in a romantic drama set back in the 1970s, when hair was long and shoes had high heels and there was still a chance The Beatles might get back together. Liberally embellished with gas-guzzling hot rods and classic rock-and-roll and slang expressions you haven't heard since before Disco, this is the love story you've never read, of daydreams and detentions, of infatuation and insubordination, of love and literature class, with a special twist to the finale so you can't wait to see what happens come graduation.

High school was exactly like this.

Jonnie Comet's Love Me Do is available in Kindle e-text via or in paperback here--

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  1. A labour of love, for all those with whom I went to school either as their classmate or their teacher. This may come off as a bit of a faery-tale; but in truth you don't get more 'real' than this story. Enjoy it with your whole heart.