The Initiation of Janine.

Paradise: warm, wet, wild. It’s the locale of which dreams are made, a once-forgotten Pacific-Ocean dependency of the British crown, rejuvenated in recent years by an influx of new ideas and old money.   Jonnie Comet’s serial adventure collection, A Tale Of Two Paradises, lets the rest of the world in on what life is really like in a remote tropical archipelago in the early 21st century.

Sweet Janine Hewlett is just a normal second-form girl growing up in the most exotic locale on earth, taking it all in stride.  When her new friend Sally introduces her to older, desirable Charlie, the subsequent educational experiences soon suggest that the attraction might really be mutual.  In this excerpt Janine learns just what she might expect... and how far she might be in over her head.

Intelligent and conservative, young Janine narrates her own coming-of-age saga from wide-eyed innocence to healthy scepticism with modesty, eagerness, compassion... and startling candour.  Read on, if you dare, but don’t forget: in Paradise, all things are possible.

NOTE-- contains moderately risque situations (ala BBFC '15').

The first installment of Janine's coming-of-age tale is available in Kindle e-text via  Future installments are forthcoming-- so check this site frequently!

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  1. This is one of my favourite heroines. Read it and tell me what you think!