Deirdre, the Oyster's Pearl.

What does an intelligent teenager do upon deciding to leave home? Deirdre's answer is to wander the world on her own terms, surviving on wits, wiles, and will power. But it's not as easy as that!

Heartsick and once again homeless, the intrepid teenaged voyager turns her back on a Bahamian paradise and sails a thousand miles to the mystical Virgin Islands. But debilitated by drinking binges she is easily seduced by a sadistic drug smuggler, and shady intrigue, sensual interludes, and the perils of storm season in unprotected seas become routine. Deirdre must challenge the limits of her own endurance, both physically and emotionally, if she is to survive the most onerous ordeals so far.

'It is nought but the fear of woman's heart, And a dream of the night, Deirdre.' -Celtic faery-tale.

Note: contains mature themes, risqué situations, exotic adventure (ala BBFc '15').

Deirdre, the Oyster's Pearl, Volume Two of the Deirdre, the Wanderer series, is available as a Kindle e-text through or in paperback (NEW Third Edition, 2014) here--  * * * 

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