07 October 2013

On naming characters

from Yahoo! Answers

Any suggestions on female character name for my novel?

Romance/Sci Fi Novel
What are some suggestions for a nice female name in a romance novel? I do not want to be too generic, and I would like something that an audience will find pleasant.
Character Description: 19, independent, shy, naturally attractive, goal-oriented

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Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

Try baby-name guides, many of which are on the Web. Given a few names' meanings you can decide how you want her to be called.

A problem of this kind is like a band searching for a name for their act. To my mind, the name of the band always comes first, like a kind of thematic idea; it suggests the style of music, the style of performance, the number of instruments and even the personalities of the players. Without a name, a band has no clue.

I think a character is much the same way. When you think of a character, you think of his name first; then you come to 'know' the person almost as though he were a *real* person you have met and are getting to know. I tend to make use of astrological signs, ethnic background, placement in family (1st child, youngest child etc.), lefthandedness/righthandedness, age, day of the week when born ('Monday's child is fair of face', etc.), religion and other factors to define a character. Knowing the meaning of the character's name is just one more part of that.

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