05 January 2012

Sylvia; or: The Revenge of the Slave

Promotional blurb:

  Her woes began at age three.  Her mother left her, her father died; and by nine she was left to the care of two wicked surrogates with no use at all for someone else’s child.  Sold into slavery, subjected to servitude and nightmarish abuse, treated as no more than a toy and ultimately discarded as less than yesterday’s refuse, the unfortunate girl believed her future was over.  But a series of improbable circumstances conspires to restore her to life, liberty and happiness-- and soon the aptly-renamed Sylvia Hope has a chance to avenge herself on those who deprived her of a happy adolescence and desecrated her virtue.

  Here is a heroine only as normal as the next teenager, seeking no greater glory than to be loved as all people should be, who meets her guardian angel in the stoic yet gentlemanly Andrew with his own past of tragedy and loss.  As gentle Sylvia’s heart begins to stir she must face the confusion that comes with being both indebted to and in love with the one who unselfishly preserves and provides for her.  And they have a very specific sort of score to settle as well.

  Told with both immediacy and detail as no-one else can, Jonnie Comet’s Sylvia is a heart-rending story of sorrow and charity, faith and despair, fortune and revenge that brings to mind both Pygmalion and The Count of Monte Cristo.  Do not weep or exult too soon; for it’s not over till she has the last word.

  This book is not yet available; but comments are welcome.

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