12 December 2011

JC says 'Welcome.'

  Hi, all.  This is the updated blog presence.  I'll be having articles on authorship, the state of the book business at present, and much else including reviews of others' works and near-spoilers of my own.  Keep a bookmark of this and check back frequently.

  Many thanks to Colin for doing the press releases-- not bad, CB-- and to Melissa, for keeping it real.  Much gratitude goes also to Ariion Kathleen Brindley, Ann C Boyle, Mark Yellin, William B Price, Brigid Lowry and Kathleen Williams for priceless encouragement, advice and general camaraderie.  If writing, however a labour of love, is indeed a lonely profession, certainly chatting about it is not! --so, always a pleasure, one and all.

  I am often on Facebook and welcome all comments, contacts and e-mails.  Don't be a stranger.

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  1. Now following Jonnie. Check out my blog at the url below. Hoping to see you on Tauranga Writers facebook page soon. cheers, Jan